Friday 27 February 2015

Buckley House Centenary Art Project

Buckley House students commemorated Ivanhoe Grammar School’s Centenary year with a collaborative art project. Students from our Early Learning Centre through to Year 6, joined together to create an array of Australian native flowers to form a truly beautiful art work.

During the Centenary All School Celebration day, all children and teachers drafted and sketched their own flower, before modelling it with coloured air drying clay. Some native flowers included; Common Heath, Seaside Daisies, Yellow Wattle, Red Berries and Kangaroo Paw.

Once all the flowers dried, they were carefully sealed and arranged onto a photo foam-board displaying historical photos from the archives of Ivanhoe Grammar School. The flowers were then arranged on top of the photos to form the Centenary number 100. A wonderful group of mothers assisted in this task.

The completed artwork is proudly displayed in the reception area at Buckley House. It is a stunning collaboration of the students’ creations. All who walk into the reception foyer are amazed, not only by the size of the finished canvas, but also the delicate beauty it displays.

Students have eagerlysearched to find where their special flower is on display and have proudly shared their efforts with their peers, families and the wider community.

Our School’s Centenary year has commenced with a real sense of belonging and team spirit. Working together enriches students’ learning and it is clear that the collaborative Centenary Art Project has fostered the sense of pride and belonging at Ivanhoe Grammar School.