Monday 10 October 2016

Bowls Championships

On Saturday 8 October the Ivanhoe Bowls Team won the inaugural AGSV Bowls Championship. Each player received a winner’s medal and the team won the inaugural shield.

Ivanhoe won round 1 against Camberwell 2 decisively with 8/0, (Yuon (Captain), Liam and Will played superbly). In round two the coaches gave Harry, Ben and Naz a chance to play their first ever match against Assumption, which they lost 9/4, a very respectable score for players who played for the first time.

Match 3 was make or break against rivals Camberwell 1 with Huon, Liam and Will again. They played above themselves and won that one on the last head 7/4 which placed Ivanhoe in the second position to play the final (for 1st or 2nd place) against Camberwell 1 again.

Excitement and tension was felt by all moving into the final match, Ben, Naz and Harry together with the coaches Liam and Alex, decided that Huon, Liam and Will should be in the finals to give the team the best chance. The team performed admirably managing to take out the inaugural shield. The team’s behaviour was excellent and their sportsmanship clear for everybody to see.