Monday 18 August 2014

Bird Garden

Year 9 and 10 art students at Plenty Campus have been invited to create a series of artworks to be exhibited in the School grounds.

The series of artworks is based upon the theme of ‘birds’. The artworks have been dedicated to native Australian birds, in particular species which are common to the local Plenty environment. Students also researched and depicted bird species that have become threatened or extinct due to the changing environment, climate and urban development.

The works have been constructed mainly out of ceramic materials because of its durability, strength, smoothness and ease of workability.

Issues and concerns about the environment have been addressed by students in the design, development and presentation stages of their art works.

So far there have been some wonderful creations which are dotted throughout the School grounds, with more expected throughout the remainder of Term 3.

In addition to dedicating the works to raising environmental awareness, the bird garden will also provide an opportunity to add another aspect of colour and creativity to the School grounds, combining with the beautifully landscaped, predominately native surrounds.

The official launch of the Bird Garden is scheduled for Wednesday 17 September.