Wednesday 31 August 2016

Battery Recycling Initiative

For World Environment Day in June, the Environment group led by Prefect Lewis Blampied and year 12 students Emma Kerr and Anna Say, decided to set up battery recycling collection points around the School. The students were concerned that 97 per cent of household batteries were trashed but that 90 per cent of their contents could be recycled so they decided to do something to change this outcome.

They set up 10 recycling points around the school: IT services, Business Centre, The Library, Science department, International Centre, Ivanhoe House, Buckley House, AV department, Middle Year’s reception and Music reception. The initiative proved so popular that it has continued on.

The students are encouraging all people to think about battery recycling whenever they change batteries in torches, smoke detectors, remote controls, game controllers, blue-tooth items and toys and to drop these used batteries into a collection box for recycling to help our planet.