Tuesday 06 September 2016

Baroque Music

Year 9 students were treated to a special introductory lesson on period Baroque String Instruments by Alumni, Arun Patterson. Arun graduated in 2008 going on to become a Concertmaster of the Melbourne Youth Orchestras.

During Arun’s Master’s Degree studies, he specialised on Period Baroque String instruments and is now a highly sought after performer and specialist on performance techniques of the Baroque Period. Arun is now teaching part-time at the School, tutoring violin students.

Arun also directs the School’s Baroque String Quartet. The students in the ensemble all play reproduction Baroque instruments, of which the School has a full quartet of Cello, Viola and two Violins.

It was wonderful to see students engaged in the music lesson and to have alumni like Arun return to the School helping to provide current students with inspiration.

Ivanhoe Grammar School has a proud tradition of music with a diverse mix of performance ensembles available such as, Orcestra, String Orchestra, Wind Band, Choir, Jazz & Chamber Ensembles, Quartets and Quintets.

Throughout the year students have a vibrant program with many professional, world-class performers running workshops and master classes to further enrich and enhance student learning in music and the performing arts.