Tuesday 07 December 2021

Athletics Carnivals

In the second last week of Term 4, students from Foundation to Year 2 participated enthusiastically in the Buckley House Athletics Carnivals, sporting their House colours with pride, and showing endurance and grit by going the distance in every Athletics event in order to tally up maximum points for their respective House.

On Thursday 2 December students from Foundation to Year 2 held their event, rotating around six fun Athletics activities all morning. They finished with the prized sprint races where they all received a ribbon and an icy pole for their efforts. Everyone worked hard training for these events during the last month and showcased their amazing new skills at the event.

On Friday 3 December students from Years 3 – 6 took part in their athletics day. With the help and assistance of our fantastic teachers, who coordinated the various events on the day, including Shot-Putt, Discus, Long-Jump, High-Jump 200m, 80m, Hurdles, Long-Distance and Relay races, the day was a smashing success. This was exactly what our students looked forward to after a long Winter/Spring of online learning from home. The Athletics events marked the beginning of Summer, and the warmth, joy and enthusiasm was tangible in the air.

Congratulations to Lincoln, the overall winning House in the Years 3-6 age category. A big congratulations to every student for their participation and we all look forward to another successful Athletics season in the Summer of 2022.