Wednesday 27 May 2020

At Home Cross Country Championship

On Friday 22 May, Buckley House held their first-ever House @Home Cross Country Championship.

Each year, during Term 2, the Cross Country Championship is held at Buckley House and this year everyone was determined that even though students were learning from home, it wasn’t going to stop us conducting one of the three House Carnivals (Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics) that are run each year.

After training hard for two to three weeks during PE classes and within the daily fitness time (12:10-12:30pm), the plan was that as many students as possible would time themselves at home to see how they could run in 10 minutes. Each year, different age groups run different distances, so to keep it all the same and as simple as possible, it was decided that the 10-minute run would be the same for all children in Years 3-6.

There were some amazing distances and times run by students. However, the main purpose of the event was to bring all our students together, in their particular houses, to allow them to share and enjoy an event together. Even though Cross Country running can be hard and not always enjoyable while you are out there slogging it out, all the participants loved the experience and took lots of great photos of themselves competing.  Students were asked to do their run in their House colours and if they sent a photo in then they received five bonus points.

The activity encouraged participation and involvement.  Every student who ran, walked, jogged or even crawled for the 10 minutes received 20 points. On top of that, each runner got 1 extra point for every 100m they ran. Most of our participants scored between 1.2 – 2.5km in the 10 minutes. Therefore a runner who made 1.2km got an extra 12 points where a runner who made it 2.5km got an extra 25 points.

It was amazing to see 122 students from Years 3-6 do the run, time themselves, record their distance (fit bit/running app) and send in their result with an attached photo. A big thank you to the four House Captains – Maisie, Oscar, Louis and Sam who supported the event, promoting and calculating the scores.

Well done to all students who put the effort in to train and be involved on the day of our @Home Cross Country Championship in 2020. It was incredible to see our community come together and compete in this new way. We look forward to holding the House Athletics Carnival later in August.

Results for the Buckley House @Home Cross Country Championship

Overall score918126713131512