Thursday 13 February 2020

Aspiring Fashion Designer

Year 8 student Denzel is an aspiring fashion designer. Recently, a number of his designs were picked up for Kidz Fashion Week, a national fashion tour, travelling from Melbourne to the Gold Coast and finishing in Sydney. This is a major event where designers/sponsors dress their models, showcasing the latest in kids fashion, with ages ranging from 5 – 17 years. Denzel was both designer and sponsor, designing, styling and dressing all the 20 models walking for him, across the 3 states in both matinee and evening shows.

Denzel picked up a pencil at 12 months of age and hasn’t put it down since, getting inspired by girls in kindergarten wearing bright, sparkling, fun outfits which he would come home and draw. He is creatively involved in other areas too. He is a published children’s book cover illustrator, having illustrated 5 book covers for The Kingsley Kids, written by young author Kirsty Lee Hutton, which is available worldwide on Amazon. Denzel also works for The Pineapple Lounge, a research company, advising them on the latest fads, crazes and trends happening in Australia.

He would love to expand his label, ideally doing shows at the world fashion capitals of New York, Paris, London and Milan.

Denzel believes everyone should be able to express themselves without judgement.

Denzel will be performing in the upcoming musical Pirates of Penzance, he has much experience in the musical scene having performed in many Buckley House productions. The musical runs from Wednesday 4 to Saturday 7 March. You can book tickets here.