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Artist in Residence Program

25 June 2018

The Artist in Residence program gives students an understanding of the importance of public art in society and an opportunity to experiment with a variety of materials, techniques and art forms. The Year 9 Out of Classroom Artist in Residence program, which was conducted in the last weeks of Term Two, was greatly inspired by guest artist Kyoko Imazu.

Kyoko’s whimsical imagery and technique of papercutting was a starting point for students to create their own installation of artworks which this year was exhibited in the Chapel. During the nine-day program students visited the Alice in Wonderland exhibition at ACMI, the Royal Botanic Gardens, The Johnston House Museum and the NGV seeking stimulus for imagery addressing the theme of dreams and nightmares with a focus on the use of light and shadow.

Students had the freedom to choose whatever artform they wanted to work with and so the final installation included sculpture, paper-based artworks and a combined group stop-motion animation. The installation was available for the School community to view in the Chapel on Friday 22 June. All the students involved were also present to answer questions and talk about the inspiration behind their work.