Thursday 16 April 2020

Art in Nature

It’s been shown that spending time outdoors in nature improves health and wellbeing. Students recently got to experience the many benefits of being in nature when they completed a task for Year 11 Studio Art and IB Visual Art using natural resources. Led by their teacher Mrs Thorpe Year 11 Studio Art and IB Visual Art students took their learning outdoors, not only finding inspiration from nature but also enjoying the opportunity to complete a task either in their backyards or the nature surrounding their homes.

“Year 11 Studio Art and IB Visual Art students were given holiday homework with a difference. Inspired by legendary Scottish environmental artist Andy Goldsworthy, the students task was to spend time outside either in their backyard or neighbouring river parkways and using the natural materials they could find to make a piece of ephemeral art and photograph it. Not only was there some highly successful artworks made, but students particularly enjoyed having to spend time sitting in nature and make what they could with what was around them,” said Mrs Thorpe.

Year 11 VCE Studio Art – Greta

The process of making the ephemeral artworks I found to be really enjoyable. Sitting out in nature with only the sounds of birds around and making the artwork was peaceful and relaxing. I liked using materials that were already there and that after a storm or windy day would again not resemble something deliberately placed. With both my artworks, there were plenty of sticks on the ground that I broke and arranged in different ways. It was just a matter of finding the right one for a particular place. It was a different way to experience being in nature, not just from observing it and walking through it, but to make art out of its elements that won’t affect it in a harmful way. Overall I thought it was a pleasant and enjoyable experience.

VCE Unit 1 Studio Art – Eloise

I really liked this art project, it was something very new and different for me I have never experimented with natural elements, it was interesting to see how I had to think differently and creatively. My favourite part was contrasting the sculptures and finding spots for them to go. For my stick bridge, I didn’t really enjoy the gathering part as it took a long time but it was worth it in the end. It was challenging to get the sticks to hold in a curved way but I just kept altering it so it would be strong. I found it annoying when the sticks would fall into the water and disappear as it meant I had to go find more but I was happy with the result. It was hard to take the photos, as I had to jump to some rocks in the river so it would be centred and the running water made it hard for the pictures to focus.