Thursday 05 May 2022

Anzac Week

A very special time in the Ivanhoe calendar took on additional meaning in 2022, as the Cadet Unit, for the first time in three years, joined with the school and the wider community in commemorating the sacrifices of past generations of Australians across Melbourne.

This year saw the return of the Heidelberg March for Ridgeway Senior Cadets and the Laurimar Dawn Service for their counterparts at Plenty Campus.  In addition, in excess of one hundred Cadets from Plenty Campus marched proudly with veterans through the streets of Whittlesea.

Within the school community, five Services were also held throughout the week, across all campuses. A highlight of the week saw the University Campus conduct their first ANZAC Service in an outdoor setting, supported by Plenty Campus Cadets.

To be able to mark this important day with a return to traditional activities has been an important moment for Cadets, particularly those in Year 12, who will soon leave the unit, but also for those younger members who aspire to represent their community, school and family in the future. All cadets performed superbly and did themselves proud.

A special thank you to all the Cadet staff who gave of their time generously to prepare and oversee all activities throughout the week. You are a credit to the Cadet Unit, and to the school.

John Doman (MAJ AAC)

Officer Commanding, IGSACU