Thursday 13 October 2022

Visual Arts Exhibition

 It was great to get together as a community to celebrate and acknowledge the creative talents of students from the secondary classes at Plenty Campus.  The annual Visual Arts Exhibition was officially opened on Monday 10 October with works on display from the subject disciplines of Art, Studio Arts, Product Design and Technology, Media and Visual Communication Design.

The campus was fortunate enough to have the exhibition opened by artist, designer, and educator Chris Georgiou.  In her address to the gathering, Chris acknowledged the wonderful work on display and the crucial support and nurturing that parents and staff provide our students to achieve in creative pursuits.

One of the highlights of the exhibition opening is the presentation of first place and runner-up of The Randal Marsh Art and Design Award, the Acquisition Award, The Principal’s Art and Design Award, the Centenary Product Design and Technology Award and two awards provided by the OIGA.

This year, Jordan Mihajlov Year 12 Visual Communication Design was awarded the First Prize of the Randal Marsh Art and Design Award for his album cover for the soundtrack to the movie Kyle and Butch: You have no Idea. Runner Up was awarded to Ty Hollis Year 12 Studio Arts for the series The Shape I Wish Most to Destroy.  The Acquisition Award went to Jordan Mihajlov Year 12 Media for his comic book titled Kyle and Butch: You have no Idea.

In its first year, the Principal’s Art and Design Award also went to Ty Hollis Year 12 Studio Arts for the series The Shape I Wish Most to Destroy.

The Centenary Product Design and Technology Award went to Oniel Hanoona Year 12 for his designed and constructed wardrobe.

The Old Ivanhoe Grammarians’ Association presented an encouragement award in the visual arts and for the first time Media Prize.  This year the Encouragement Award went to Alice Darby of Year 10 and the Media prize went to Pratham Bansal for his movies depicting the story of a young man surrounded by evil leaving him tortured and alone struggling to find purpose in a world that seems like it wants nothing to do with him; that disregards his identity; his morality and who he is and wants to be.

Excellence and encouragement awards were also presented to students from each of the Years 7, 8 and Year 10 visual arts classes.

It’s a courageous effort to put work on display for public view and what we see is the result of a creative process.  The annual exhibition is a wonderful celebration of this, and we congratulate all students.

Lawrence Dalton

Curriculum Leader for The Visual Arts