Monday 17 October 2016

Annual Memorial Service

Six members of the Ivanhoe Grammar School Cadet Unit formed a guard of honour using pike drills at the 8th Annual Memorial Service for National Servicemen who have made the Supreme Sacrifice and those who have since passed on. It was held in the Remembrance Garden at the Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital on Sunday 3 October.

The cadets were S/CUO Nicholas Papachristos, CUO Serena Smith, CUO Amelia Fear, CUO Alex Martin, CUO Tess Carolan and CUO Lindsay Cash. They were accompanied by cadet officers Maj. Hans Vanz Wol and Captain Gai Shadbolt.

National Service was first introduced by Alfred Deakin in 1909, then during WW2 in1941, then in1951 by the Menzies government on the declaration of war in Korea and then again in November 1964 by the Menzies government to fight against the regular army in Vietnam.

Guest speakers included Maj. Gen. Greg Garde AO RFD QC and the right honourable David Feeney Federal MP Batman. Afternoon tea was served in the Acacia Room at the Repatriation Hospital at the conclusion of the service.