Thursday 08 June 2023

Annual Cadet Dinner

On Monday, 5 June, the Annual Cadet Dinner took place at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, celebrating the final gathering of our Senior Cadet group. Many guests, from the military and the school’s wider community, attended this wonderful event.

Surrounded by their family, Cadets, dressed in formal attire, recounted stories of their journey and enjoyed each other’s company in the Cadet unit for the final time. It was an evening filled with laughter, and just a little sadness, as many came to the realisation that an important part of their Ivanhoe school life had come to an end.

A poignant moment in the evening came as the Principal, Gerard Foley, paid tribute to Nigel Kendall, life Governor of the school, and the Cadet Unit Patron, following his recent passing. Nigel Kendall was a great supporter of the Cadet Program throughout his 46 years of service to the school, and he will be missed.

In addition to the great achievements of the Cadets, the role of the hard-working school cadet staff cannot be overstated. It is their professionalism, commitment and enthusiasm that underpins the success of the unit.

As a new generation prepares to step into the important roles being vacated by the 2023 leaders, they can be confident that they will inherit a unit that is very well-prepared for another year of growth and high achievement.

John Doman
Officer Commanding IGSACU