Friday 13 April 2018

Annual Cadet Camp

The cadet camp is an integral part of the cadet year involving cadets from both campuses in a week-long experience in the Yackandandah State Forest, Yackandandah.

Cadets learn field skills, orienteering, first aid, radio and the use of compasses. In addition, Cadets fulfilling leadership roles practice their skills in a real-time environment. All Year 10-12 students participating in the Cadet Camp are eligible to attain two Pillars of the Round Square IDEALS Award.

The camp is looked forward with joy from most and a little bit of sadness from the year 12s. It is the last camp for the cadet year, with the platoon that they have all gotten to know so well and for the year 12s, it is their last one ever. It is at a tricky time of year, with the weather being unpredictable, and this year certainly kept in the same spirit with it raining for the first two days, meaning that a few platoons had to move campsites a number of times.

However, with spirits high and a spring in their many steps, the cadets, in true fashion, had a fabulous time challenging themselves, getting involved with the many activities, getting to know each other a bit better and making new friends. Two of our senior cadets reflected on the loved camp below.
,, “The ultimate event of the cadet calendar year was a journey to say the least. Changing locations for the first time in over 20 years was a change of scenery that brought along many challenges but also many great memories. Camp started off with some light drizzles of rain that quickly turned into torrential downpour challenging everyone’s morale from the very beginning. Although the weather was difficult, in true cadet spirit everyone got on with their duties, showing great resilience and leadership. Overall a successful week with lots of learning for all who attended, and now the cadet year nears its close with Ceremonial parade fast approaching.” Hugh Marslen, Senior CUO
,, “Out of my four years in cadets I have no doubt that this one has been my favourite. I have many things to thank for this, in particular my platoon, who made sure that my final cadet year was as much fun as they could make it. While the stress of leading 21 others could get overwhelming at times, I am grateful for every second of it. My position has given me the opportunity to build on my leadership skills, which I know will be priceless in my future life. Cadets has put me through cold, rain, and abundance of insects, splinters, blisters, mud, spider webs and much more, and I am going to miss it so much. I am so grateful to my school, the staff, and my fellow cadets for making this amazing program what it is.” Finn Wright, CUO of 8 Platoon