Monday 05 June 2017

Alumnus to climb Mt Kilimanjaro for charity

On 29 June, alumnus Patrick Woodward and his father are heading off to Tanzania. Their goal is to visit and volunteer in as many maternal hospitals as possible and while they’re at it… climb mount Kilimanjaro.

They are undertaking this expedition as a fundraiser for The Barabara May Foundation, an organisation that provides maternal healthcare and education to women in Africa. The primary focus of the organisation is to treat ALL women, to reduce mothers dying during labour, and promote safer childbirth practices while providing ongoing assistance throughout the early infant stages of caring.

After graduating from Ivanhoe Grammar School in 2016, Patrick had been looking forward to getting back into volunteer work, having been a member of the Charities Committee while a student. Both of his parents are doctors specialising in obstetrics and gynaecology and earlier this year, Patrick stumbled across the Barbara May Foundation; an organisation that works in maternal health across sub-Saharan Africa, particularly in places where medical care is almost non-existent. The foundation exists to provide the same level of maternal healthcare that we expect here in Australia, for free to those in need. It is concerned with the safe delivery of children as well as reducing the number of dangers and risks involved. It also has a large role in the education of safe medical practices in those countries.

Coming from a medical family and a society where receiving this level of maternal healthcare is an expectation and a human right, Patrick felt this was an issue close to his heart.

We’re so proud to see Patrick continue with his great service work. A true Global Citizen.

If you would like to support Patrick’s climb and the Barbara May foundation, the campaign page is here.