Wednesday 01 February 2017

Alumni Mentor Year 12 Students

On Tuesday 31 January the school welcomed Year 7 and 12 students and their families with the rest of the School starting the following day on Wednesday 1 February. There was an excited air and buzz across the School as new families started their journey at Ivanhoe and other students returned from their summer break. Morning tea, barbecues and special alumni panels were held to welcome and inspire our families and students for what is sure to be a fantastic year at Ivanhoe.

One of the highlights was the many alumni who returned to the School to be alumni mentors to Senior students. They joined the Year 12’s for breakfast and then, moved into the chapel to form a panel whereby each Old Ivanhoe Grammarian reflected on their experiences of their final year, as well as offered advice to senior students around topics such as: self-care, decision-making, motivation, distraction, proud moments and regrets, communication with family, friends and teachers, personal bests, surprises and leadership. Alumni from both Plenty and The Ridgeway Campus returned to School with alumni panels held at both campuses.

Moderated by Alumni Coordinator Elise Dunstan (’01), students were also encouraged to consider how they can act in accordance with our School slogan ‘courageous and kind’ as leaders of the School. This involvement of alumni as willing mentors to our Yr 12s stems from the Mission of the OIGA which is to Reach, Connect & Support Current and Past Students, and likewise, the School is most grateful to have so many alumni interested in supporting our students’ journeys, being directly involved in programs and activities and mentoring them.

The School and OIGA continue to run an extensive reunion and event program for alumni to connect locally, interstate and overseas, as well as career-networking, sporting and creative events sporadically throughout the year. We strongly encourage alumni to keep the Development Office informed of their current postal and email address to stay abreast of news and events. Please drop into 2 Merton Street, Ivanhoe (the home of the OIGA), email or call 9490 3407 to do so.