Friday 06 February 2015

All School Centenary Celebration

On Thursday 5 February, Ivanhoe Grammar School proudly celebrated its 100th year. This important milestone was commemorated with a cross campus event which included all staff, students and the Ivanhoe community.

At the Ivanhoe Campus the day commenced at St James Church, the original site of the School where students and staff assembled in preparation for a parade through Ivanhoe and finishing at the campus we know today. This procession was led by the Reverend Sydney Buckley and his First Day Boys all dressed in period costume.

As the procession moved along The Ridgeway towards the South Ground, the students were photographed by an airship which flew over and delighted the crowd. Once on the South Ground the formal proceedings began where The Reverend Sydney Buckley and his First Day Boys conducted a re-enactment of the first assembly in traditional costume from the 1900’s. After the formal celebrations students enjoyed lunch and then further activities at their Campus. At lunchtime the inaugural Ivanhoe Grammar School Gift Race was run, where the fastest student in each year level was selected to run a handicapped race over 70 metres. The winners were presented with an engraved plaque. At Buckley House, students were involved in a collaborative Centenary Art project.

At Plenty Campus the festivities were in full swing, with a number of students coming to school via horse and cart. Students came to school in period costume and traditional games and activities were enjoyed throughout the afternoon and all students gathered for a traditional Smoke Ceremony and Welcome to Country conducted by a Wurundjeri elder. An assembly led by The Reverend Sydney Buckley and his First Day Boys concluded the afternoon celebrations.

The celebration of reaching an important milestone provides an opportunity to reflect on the past as well as recognise how far the School has come.

The Centenary celebrations continue throughout 2015 and we look forward to sharing the festivities with our community. For a full list of activities please visit the events page.

To see all the action from the day, head to the School’s Facebook page,