Wednesday 15 January 2020

2020 Australian Whitewater Championships

Congratulations to the Kayaking Team for another stellar performance and for taking out the Australian Schools’ trophy!

In 2020 a new challenge was set for whitewater kayaking at the School. This year’s championship was held on the grade 3 Mersey River in Tasmania, its isolated beauty presented many logistical and mental challenges for the team.

Instead of a participation approach, Australian Championships are now held on more difficult water grade 3 water and focus on preparing our paddlers for elite national competition.

A smaller team of 13 was taken to Tasmania because of this and again continued its tradition of courage and achievement, winning the Best Australian Schools’ trophy against 20 other teams although by the narrowest of margins. The team, led by Daniel Shamieh and Brad McLaughlan is to be congratulated on its performance both on and off the water.

A big thank you to everyone who helped, parents, families and Mr Holden for their commitment to the team over the five days.