Monday 12 February 2018

2018 School Captains

The beginning of the school year marks an important passage for many students as new leaders are inducted across all campuses. We are proud to announce that our four school captains for 2018 are Linus Mayes, Yusra Tawfic, Mika Facchinetti and Sophia Sapardanis.

What makes a school leader?

In a speech at the induction assembly, Mr Brendan Kelly – Head of The Ridgeway Campus – pointed out that leadership is not just for the elected captains. “We can all practice leadership, both formally and informally. How? Do what is right. Do what is kind. Be brave and serve others.”

Every day brings a new opportunity for all Ivanhoe Grammar School students to lead their peers by example. Being courageous and kind, helping to lift others up to be the best possible versions of themselves.