University Campus at a glance

1. What is the University

Ivanhoe Grammar School’s University Campus is a dedicated campus for Year 9 students providing them with a hybrid university-secondary school learning experience. It is made possible through a partnership with La Trobe University.

2. When will it open?

It will be open for the start of the 2019 Academic year, which starts in November 2018 as part of our Early Commencement Program.

3. Where is the University Campus located?

Ivanhoe Grammar School’s University Campus is made up of two terrace buildings next to the Springthorpe Estate, on the outskirts of La Trobe University in Macleod. The terrace buildings are currently being renovated to become a dedicated campus designed specifically for the learning needs of Year 9 students. The address is Terrace 1 & 2, Terrace Way, MacLeod, 3085. 

4. Will all Year 9 students be at this Campus?

Yes, Year 9 students from both The Ridgeway Campus and Plenty Campus will attend the University Campus.

5. Will Year 9 students be at this Campus full time?

Students will spend most of their time at Ivanhoe Grammar School’s University Campus but will also have some of their Year 9 classes in La Trobe University’s facilities such as the scientific laboratories, mock boardroom and moot court. These classes will be exclusive to our students.  Upon arriving at Ivanhoe Grammar School’s University Campus and when using La Trobe University facilities, our students will be supervised by Ivanhoe Grammar School staff at all times.

6. What does Year 9 at the University Campus involve?

At our University Campus, students will experience a university way of thinking that promotes independence and self-reflection, alongside experiential learning. Based on the Australian Curriculum, it comprises a range of core subjects and four key project-based learning units covering the Sciences, Humanities, Entrepreneurship and Global Citizenship (which includes a service-learning framework). University academics and facilities enhance student learning by providing information and knowledge through lectures, forums and research interviews. This unique program offers students a taste of learning at university, an understanding of current research practices and the skills needed to apply their learning to real-life situations. Building on our existing Year 9 program, students will also be provided with the opportunity to be inspired by the world around them as they become independent learners, through cultural and out-of-classroom experiences alongside community and international service activities.

7. Will Year 9 students have to wear a uniform while attending University Campus?


8. How will students get to the campus?

Students will make their own way each day either by public transport or parent drop-off, similar to how Year 9 students would make their way to their current campus.

Macleod Station is a short walk from our University campus, and for some trips, Bus 548 - which passes through Ivanhoe Station on its way to La Trobe University - will go via Springthorpe Boulevard.

A school bus will leave Plenty Campus each morning and return after school. If travelling via public transport on the South Morang line, students can travel to Reservoir Station and then catch bus 561 which travels directly to La Trobe University.  With the completion of the Mernda Railway in August 2018, Mernda, Hawkstowe and Marymeade stations will be open for the Early Commencement Program, for those students connecting with the bus at Reservoir Station.

We are pleased to provide the following bus routes to students travelling to University Campus.

250: City - La Trobe University

350: City - La Trobe University

548: Kew - La Trobe University. Connects with trains at Ivanhoe Station

550: Northland -  La Trobe University. No Train Connections

551: Heidelberg - Latrobe University. Connects with trains at Heidelberg Station

561: Pascoe Vale - Macleod. Connects with 86 tram on Plenty Road to La Trobe University and trains at Macleod, Reservoir, Coburg and Pascoe Vale Stations

301: Reservoir - La Trobe Uni Express. Express from Reservoir Station to La Trobe University on Uni days. Connecting train at Reservoir

382: Whittlesea - Northland. This is a new route which will travel from Mernda Station to Latrobe University on Plenty Road via Childs Road. Connects with trains at Mernda, Hawkstowe, South Morang Stations (Mernda opens 26th August)

La Trobe University Glider: This is a shuttle bus which operates every 20 minutes around the University from 8.30am until 9.00pm. 

We are currently in discussions with La Trobe University regarding an earlier shuttle bus at the start of the day.

9. Where do the students do their sports training, cadets, music or production rehearsals etc?

The University Campus will have two music studios to accommodate music lessons at the campus. Students will also be able to come back to the Ivanhoe Campus or Plenty Campus to participate in the school production, cadets and sports training. A bus will be available to take students to Ivanhoe Campus and Plenty Campus for cadets and sports training.

10. What sporting facilities will be available to students at the University Campus?

Students will be able to use the oval across the road. We are not permitted to erect any basketball rings on the grassed area in front of the Terraces as it is heritage land. However, we are currently exploring a variety of equipment (such as mobile soccer goals) to be used on the oval. Physical activity and well-being of our students is a priority and we will continue looking at what the possibilities are to provide sporting equipment for use on the oval during recess and lunchtime.

11. Will fees increase for the Year 9 students because they are now attending the new campus?

No, students attending Ivanhoe Grammar School’s University Campus will not have their Year 9 fees increased because they are at a new campus. Fees will be the same as they would be if students remained at their current campus and are subject to the same fee increases as normal.

12. Is there a canteen for students?

We are currently in discussion with local cafés and the La Trobe University food outlets to supply lunch orders to our students. Our students will be able to purchase food from a variety of food outlets in the Agora on days that they have lessons at La Trobe University.

13. Will the students be supervised?

Upon arriving at Ivanhoe Grammar School’s University Campus and when using La Trobe University facilities, our students will be supervised by Ivanhoe Grammar School staff at all times.

14. Will students mix with the other university students?

Ivanhoe Grammar School’s University Campus has its own self-contained grounds and this is where students will be the majority of the time. They will also have their own separate classes and will not be attending the same classes as university students.

There will be times when the Year 9 students mix with university students in arranged situations. For example, pre-service student teachers from the La Trobe School of Education may be working in our classes, and we are currently involved in discussions with La Trobe regarding aspects of our program involving their high achieving students. La Trobe University students working with us in these situations will always be supervised by an Ivanhoe Grammar School staff member and will all hold a current Working with Children Check.

15. What will happen at the School now when the Year 9s leave?

The current Year 9 space is earmarked for the development of a significant Sporting Centre at our Ivanhoe Campus to be utilised by both Ivanhoe Grammar School and the broader community. At Plenty Campus, the current space will be used by students in other Year levels.

16. How many students will go to the new campus in 2019?

Around 220 students will attend Ivanhoe Grammar School’s University Campus when it opens.

17. Will the students return to the Ivanhoe and Plenty campuses for year 10 onwards?

Yes, they will return to their Ivanhoe and Plenty campuses to undertake their senior year studies in VCE and IB, Years 10 – 12.

18. Who is the Head of the University Campus and how many teachers will be at this campus?

The School has appointed experienced educational leader Stella Batsanis to head the campus, leading a team of 20 school staff. Formerly the Head of Middle Years and the School’s Wellbeing Director, Mrs Batsanis brings a breadth of knowledge to the role, which has commenced in preparation for the opening of the Campus.

19. Will there be a psychologist at the University Campus?

Yes. The wellbeing of our students is always a top priority. There will be a psychologist at the campus and a wellbeing model which reflects our current model: including personalised mentoring, a teacher with the added responsibility for wellbeing and others as Heads of House.

20. Will there be enhancement and development support for students with different learning needs?

Yes. We will ensure the appropriate model and resources will be in place to work with these students.

21. How does this program benefit the students?

Providing students with a hybrid university-school experience at such a significant time in their secondary schooling has enormous benefits. It adds to their existing learning, increases their cultural understanding, helps them to become global citizens and prepares them for their senior school years and adult life. The experience will enhance and enrich our students' academic and personal lives, allowing them to see what learning is like beyond the classroom and how it translates to the real world.

22. Why do Year 9 students need such programs?

There is evidence that Year 9 is for students a time of significant social, emotional and physical change. Evidence also shows that during this challenging year, students often disengage with their schooling. In response to this, we have designed this hybrid university-secondary school program to engage students in their learning, and more adequately prepare them for their senior years and adult life.

23. Does the local community support the idea?

Careful planning has gone into all aspects of this initiative. Parents, students and the local community have been consulted and the new campus has the backing of Darebin City Council.

24. How did this come about?

The partnership has been a natural evolution, and what started as a two-week intensive university program focused on science, has now become a yearlong exciting university experience for Year 9 secondary students. Since 2008, Ivanhoe Grammar School’s Year 9 students have enjoyed a two-week university-school experience at La Trobe University. This two-week intensive program sees them exposed to big ideas in a university environment. Designed to inspire them in science, the students attend lectures by five university academics on ground-breaking research and subjects. To promote independent learning skills, they explore a topic of their choosing in small groups using a variety of research techniques. After interviewing the relevant specialist academics, they share their findings in lecture-style presentations.  On the back of this being such a great program for the students, Ivanhoe Grammar School reimagined this program to a yearlong experience expanding it to other areas beyond science, covering all areas of the curriculum and incorporating the service and international experiences.

25. What do past students say?

“I relished the opportunity to contact various academics regarding their research on our topic and it was great to experience the university-like nature of the program. It made me feel very grown up." Isabella.

“I enjoyed attending lectures as we were able to hear the views of current academics on our areas of study. We were also taught how to synthesise research and correctly acknowledge sources." Tara