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Looking at Schools in Whittlesea? Ivanhoe Grammar School Offers a Premier Education

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If you’re in the process of deciding on the right school for your child and are choosing schools in Whittlesea, then why not consider Ivanhoe Grammar School. A multi-campus co-educational Anglican school with a long history of academic achievement and co-curricular opportunity, Ivanhoe Grammar School plays a central role in educating and shaping students in their primary, middle, and senior years.

Academic achievement is important, but it's only one part of the Ivanhoe experience. Students also have access to numerous programs such as Music, Sport, Leadership Training, Performing and Visual Arts, and much more. There is plenty of opportunity outside the classroom to learn a wide range of disciplines in a hands-on setting with a focus on teamwork and friendship building.

Ivanhoe Grammar School’s membership of Round Square provides students with exposure to other cultures around the world. A focus on internationalism through the use of information technology, international exchange programs and local and international service projects prepares students to become global citizens

Thanks to a focus on learning, wellbeing, service and internationalism along with exciting and vibrant co-curricular programs, Ivanhoe students thrive, receiving opportunities both within and beyond the classroom. Ivanhoe Grammar School, among the top schools in Whittlesea, provides students with many opportunities to become life-long learners.