An investment that lasts a lifetime.

Ivanhoe Grammar School has a long history of providing scholarship opportunities for deserving students in order to experience an Ivanhoe education, regardless of their financial circumstances. Continued philanthropic support will provide greater access to benefit more students.

‘Before I was awarded the scholarship, my family wasn’t able to secure a place for me at Ivanhoe Grammar School. A place at the School has given me countless opportunities to develop and change as an individual, seek new passions and ambitions. In my opinion, opportunity is something that defines Ivanhoe Grammar School. There are seemingly infinite activities, classes, sports and leadership roles to pursue from the beginning of an Ivanhoe education. As soon as I came to Ivanhoe in year 7, I felt included in the school family. Thanks so much for the scholarship at this amazing school.’ –  Year 12 student 2019, FO Watts Scholar

The School offers many scholarships including:

Slater/Graham Scholarship
Peter Huxley Scholarship
William Schuster Music Scholarship
Sydney and Evelyn Buckley Scholarship

Donations to the Scholarship Fund are tax deductible.

If you would like more information to donate to existing scholarships or fund a new scholarship, please contact the Head of Development, Peter Swain on +61 3 9490 3886 or via email