Global Citizenship Centre

The first of its kind in Australia

An  Australian-first initiative, launched in 2017, the Global Citizenship Centre at Ivanhoe Grammar School is a unit that actively encourages students of character to engage with the position of the “other”. To develop empathy for others in their own backyard or across the world. Through this empathy, we hope to charge them into action and “being the difference”.

The day-to-day role of the Centre is to incorporate simple awareness activities to students from all year levels both in the classroom and in their co-curricular pursuits. Using the UN Global Goals as a foundation, Ivanhoe Grammar School students are regularly asked to consider how these goals can be reached, and the future they want to see grow from their own actions. Since its launch, we have seen student-led initiatives flourish in areas such as environmental awareness, gender equality and wellbeing and an understanding of Aboriginality in Australia.

As the program grows, the Centre will help educators Australia-wide to embrace global citizenship in their programs and see students partner with local service groups and run youth events.

We are all citizens of an emerging global community, connected through technology and humanity. It is important to be aware of the wider world, understand how it works and have a sense of our role in solutions for local and global issues.