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Volleyball Success

2 June 2019

Recently Year 10 student Chloe and staff member Tanya McInerney both got the opportunity to spend two weeks in Thailand. Chloe was selected in an U18 Volleyball Australian Development Team and Tanya was invited on the tour as an assistant coach for Chloe's team. Under the expert guidance of coach Tanya McInerney the Ivanhoe Girls' Volleyball Team has had a terrific winning streak for two years straight. They both had a great experience developing new skills and had a fantastic time. 

Chloe reflects on the sport and her future in an interview below.

How long have you been playing volleyball?

I have been playing club volleyball for about a year and a half

What’s the best thing about the sport?

I love playing volleyball because it’s extremely enjoyable and I love the thrill I get when I win a point on a block or a spike for the team. I also love volleyball because of the team dynamics so there is a large amount of encouragement and positivity involved. And of course I have made so many new friends. Additionally, volleyball has incorporated skills I’ve learnt in other sports like basketball, netball and high jump, which makes it even more enjoyable.

What are your plans when you graduate from school?

When I graduate I want to continue to play volleyball at a high standard and possibly go for a scholarship for college overseas in America. I also want to study something to do with science such as nursing or physiotherapy, but I am not entirely sure yet.