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8 August 2019

There are many opportunities at Ivanhoe for students to get involved in public speaking and debating from the Primary Years through to the Senior Years. The Debating Program encourages students to think critically and express ideas on a wide range of global issues. Through the program, students are able to enhance their public speaking and improvisational skills alongside their friends which is a really enriching and rewarding experience.

Debating Captains from The Ridgeway Campus Tom and Amelia reflect on two major debating events, The Teacher versus Student Debate and the Greenway Cup.

Two significant events in the debating calendar have taken place recently. The first, the student versus teacher debate occurred on Wednesday 31 July. Students and teachers debated the topic “That school is a waste of time." In an interesting twist, the teacher team made up of Mr Doman, Ms Portella and Mr Allen argued the affirmative side while the student team made up of Amelia, Talissa and Paddy argued the negative side. Both teams presented a compelling case however, perhaps unsurprisingly, on the applause-o-metre the students emerged victorious. 

The annual Greenway Cup was held this week on Tuesday the 6  August. First contested in 1932, the Greenway Cup is an important debating tradition between Ivanhoe Grammar School and Ivanhoe Girls' Grammar school. The teams, consisting of five students from each school, were presented with the secret topic – “That assuming it were possible, we would create Jurassic park" - a mere two hours before the debate.  The Ivanhoe Grammar School team comprising the talented year 12 debaters, Jet, Tom and Olivia, expertly argued the affirmative side. However, unfortunately, in a split decision between the three judges, Ivanhoe Girls' Grammar was successful in arguing the negative side's case. The Greenway Cup has now been won 41 times by Ivanhoe Girls Grammar School' and 42 times by Ivanhoe Grammar School. Congratulations to all who were involved.