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Community Pitch

22 August 2019

On Wednesday 7 August East Ivanhoe and Heidelberg Community Bank Branches of the Bendigo Bank held their inaugural Community Pitch. Ivanhoe Grammar School is proud to be a Community Pitch Partner for this special initiative.  

Local community groups got the opportunity to pitch for local support from local businesses – Community Pitch Partners and Year 10 students Lexi and Charlotte alongside teacher Mr Branigan were also present. The evening brought lots of different people together to collaborate, share their stories and build strong partnerships

Lexi and Charlotte reflected on the experience.

"Attending the Community Pitch was a very new but also extremely rewarding and edifying experience. Having the opportunity to hear the voices of charities within our own community really opened our eyes to the amount of benevolence and action that was being done around us and also made us more aware of topics of concern that are not so prevalent or well-known within our community that needed to be targeted. Listening to the initiatives pitched on the night also inspired Charlotte and me to consider how we could implement these ideas within our own school community in order to increase the breadth and depth of our involvement in the local community. We found that because the charities were all local, donating the money felt much more personal and pertinent. Being able to donate first-hand to representatives from each charity and witness there appreciative and overwhelmed response was also eminently gratifying.”